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Our Groundworks Services

Our extensive range of groundwork services cater to all types of landscaping needs, ensuring that your garden can be transformed to your exact preferences. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your existing garden’s aesthetics or embark on a total overhaul, we provide the expertise and resources necessary to achieve your vision.

From rejuvenating its appearance to completely erasing and embarking on a fresh design journey, our comprehensive services offer a multitude of options to suit your specific landscaping aspirations.

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We can completely excavate and dispose of old lawns that are beyond repair. We then install 300mm of Grade A top soil. To finish, we install a premium layer of turf.

Soak Away Systems

A soakaway is a hole in the ground filled with rubble. They are designed to drain away excess water caused by heavy rainfall if your drainage system struggles to keep up with demand.


Poor drainage can lead to water logging, unsafe slippery paved surfaces and flooded properties. If you are struggling with drainage issues then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Garden Clearance

Planning your next backyard party? Garden clearance can make a more comfortable environment for you and your guests. Free up your schedule from these tiring tasks.

Tree/Stump Removal

We offer a full tree removal services no matter the size of the job. Our tree surgeon team offer a stump grinding service that completely removes the stump, leaving nothing behind.

Concrete Base Removal & Installation

Our team of professional base layers have many years of experience and carry out all jobs in a quick and tidy manner ensuring a quality finish for your new garden.

We Provide The Best Groundworks In Warrington

To view all our previous work including before and afters click the button below to view are gallery.

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